iPod keeps pressing sleep button

Well when I go on my iPod and slide the button the iPod screen shuts off, like I just pressed the sleep button. The iPod stays on, but sleeps. Sometimes also when I'm on my iPod the SLIDE TO SHUT OFF will come on when I don't even press the sleep button. This usually happens 2-5 seconds after I slide to the home screen.

Please help.

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Is it jailbroken? Have tried a restore yet? Make sure you back -up your stuff and try to restore it. Careful if it is jailbroken...


Hello, it isn't jailbroken, I have tried restoring, didn't work.


oldturkey03, it is the sleep button. chatterbox says that sometimes "slide to shut down" appears.


Yes you are right, need to read more. Also, change this answer to a comment, since it is not an answer


Any help anyone?


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