No sound coming from headphone jack...

I’ve had my New 3DS XL for many years now, and this issue has persisted. Whenever I plug headphones into my device, sound continues to come out through the system speakers but not the headphones.

I can’t get any sound to come out through the headphone jack at all. I’ve tried several pairs of headphones, with both three pin and four pin connectors, and no luck.

My guess is the pins in the headphone jack are damaged or bent in some way where proper contact can’t be established. Whenever I plug headphones into the socket, I can hear a short static noise that’s typical when you plug headphones into any device, so it seems that there is at least power flowing through some of the pins, but the sound doesn't switch over to the headphones and continues playing through the speakers.

My other guess is some internal hardware, such as a capacitor or fuse or something, got blown at some point and prevents audio playback through the headphone socket.

In either case I’m prepared to do whatever I can to get this issue solved. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at soldering but I’m not afraid of doing it if need be. I know the headphone jack is soldered directly to the MOBO, I don’t have an issue replacing it as long as I can determine that’s the issue and I can find a replacement part on ebay/Aliexpress.

PS. I am running CFW on this device, (This issue proceeds the modifications I’ve made), so if there’s any diagnosis tool I can use let me know. Although this may not be even relevant if the switching between speakers and headphones is done purely through hardware.

Any help is welcome! Thanks in advance!

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I’ve had the exact same problem for a while now, and I still haven’t found a solution. My best guess is the connector was somehow damaged. Unfortunately I can't find any replacement parts for it, and even if I could I don't know how to solder, so I'm very tempted to uninstall the CFW and ship it to Nintendo for a repair.


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