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The first model of the iMac line of personal computers made by Apple. The iMac G3 was produced between 1998 and 2003.

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Unable to see hard drives

Since it’s a slow night maybe you could indulge me. I am trying to set up a couple of old iMacs to donate. I’m upgrading the hard drives in both. I’ve been unable to get the machines to see the new hard drives. I’ve set them to cable select, and tried master to no avail.

iMac G3 600 MHz EMC 1857

I’m trying to install a Quantum 60 GB AT Fireball Plus AS

I could not get the machine to see the drive after booting from a 10.3 install disk. I put the drive in a MDD Dual 1.44 and had no problems. I installed the system and booted from it. I put it back in the iMac and all I get is a small world map in a box that flashes a few times and then it goes to the blank folder icon with the flashing question mark. I’ve zapped the P ram several times. Unplugged and re-plugged the machines. Tried booting using the option key. Could not find a reset button. Put in new batteries. Booted from an external firewire CD. All in vain.

iMac G3 266

Western Digital W200 drive Same story, no results

I remember we used to be able to “bless” a system but I’ve forgotten how. When I got the machines both had bad drives so I can’t put the old drives back in. Obviously I’m overlooking something. Any suggestions? Thanks Kids

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it's been a while since I've set up a G3 machine with a new drive - in fact I just took my old faithful PowerMac G3/266 beige tower out of service... but I recall to install Mac OS X you need to partition the drives so the boot volume is no larger than 8GB, that's what I had set up on that G3. perhaps that's your problem.

I found an article about the iMac G3/266 and it seems to say the same

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That's it. I remember that now. The original drives were 6 GIGs. You couldn't go over 128GIGs. It wasn't the same for the 600 Mhz.(about the 8 gig part.) Maybe someone can me a tip on that one. I'll let you know if it works tomorrow. Thanks for the help.


Not for a slot G3


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You installed the system (10.3) in the Quantum 60GB with the MDD tower ? What was the installation disk ? Retail one or MDD install disk ?

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Do you think I should start a second question on just the 600?


If you try to install OSX on a iMac G3 that was only running OS9 before you need to update the iMac firmware with OS9 before installing OSX.

Please check this link:


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why my imac doesn't read dvd and freeze when i played games

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Please start a new question. Thanks


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