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The Makita XPH01 is a 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2-Inch Hammer Driver-Drill; doubles as both a driver-drill and a hammer driver-drill.

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Why is smoke coming out of my drill?

My drill started getting hot, so I tried to let it cool down in between uses, but it still got very hot when I used it and eventually smoke started coming out the side and back. Smells like burning wire insulation or some type of plastic. Now the drill won’t turn. Is there some part I can replace? Or is it toast?

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I have a Hitachi DV 18DCL2 cordless drill that smoked, The main armature had shorted out. Found an exploded diagram on the web, and a new armature for about £20.

Smoke usually means a short circuit somewhere and you can often smell it on the problem part.

My view is: if its no good as it is, then take it apart and see if its fixable. Its a win win situation. If you fix it - Great! If you don't fix it you have learnt something!

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usually if it has smoked its toast i would look around your area to see if maybe someone repairs drills

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Magic smoke is not a good sign.

Where is it getting hot?

Does the battery run down faster than it did?

My first guess would be a bad spade lug connection. Due to high resistance, it gets hot and burns the insulation. The drill would also exhibit low power. But if the battery is running down fast, it may be a circuit short. However, a circuit short would yield more symptoms.

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