power on - lights on - sensors make sound - nothing moves?

I have power and lights but when I touch any button or the control knob, the sensors make sounds but nothing moves. Ive unplugged but nothing. every once in awhile it tends to work for a few seconds and then freezes. the manual says possible control lock, but there is nothing that I can find to reset.

Update (04/05/2020)

This is a Mod #110.31632611 5.3 cu ft type 706-01 top loading machine

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Please check the model number as I am not getting anything with it.


That is the model number off the tag on the machine. I may have been wrong with the 5.3 or 6.2cu ft but the mod and type are correct.


Again, the lights will come on and as I push buttons or turn the dial I can hear the sounds that it usually makes but the lights are frozen and it wont start.


I had similar issues with a Samsung washer. I ended up having to replace each PCB until I found the bad one. If you can locate a wiring diagram, you can narrow down the likely board by looking for for the control signals that drive the motors. This isn't a fool-proof method by any means as I had to replace every board until I found the faulty one. I wish you luck on this one!


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