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Why is my cleaning solution draining out even when my machine is off?

I have a Hoover SmartWash+ carpet cleaner. I absolutely love it, however halfway through the first time I used it, the cleaning solution started draining out even when the machine is turned off.

There is nothing in the troubleshooting guide that even mentions it at all.

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I also had issues with it continuing to drain out while off and stored away, leading to what I found to be permanently damaged tiles in the basement. I seemed to solve it by doing a big clean; removing the tanks, wiping down the contacts, taking off the front nozzle and rinsing out then using a flat drain cleaning tool to scoop out anything that is left inside, and lastly opening the hose connection port and cleaning that out of anything that had been stuck in there as well. That seemed to do the trick and it didn't do it again since. I usually just do a rinse of the front nozzle scoop to keep that clear as a general precaution.

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