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Model A1419 / Late 2013 / 3.2 & 3.4 GHz Core i5 or 3.5 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac14,2

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2015 logic board in 2013 iMac

Ok, so I ordered presumably a 2013 logic board to replace it on my computer, after looking at the images and talking to seller it turns out it is 2015 logic board (He thought that iMacs have same logic boards from 2012-2019, only stuff that changes is CPU), so my question is, can 2015 logic board be installed in 2013 chassis and connected to 2013s non retina display?

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mmm… this is tricky!

While the logic board mounts are the same the the 2013 display won’t work in this system as the logic board connection is not the correct size as its expecting a 5K display. So you would need to changeout the display assembly. The iSight & microphone setup is different so they too would need to be replaced and you would need to make some modifications to the case.

By the time you got all of the pieces its going to cost a bit of change and as I have never done it I may have missed something.

Frankly, I would return it and get the correct board.

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Or sell it, since I got it for 115 euros, could flip that a bit. Only question is, is it really in good working condition.


You know honesty is the best policy ;-}

Besides, you'll earn brownie points with the seller! Maybe he'll be nice and send you an i7 CPU if you had an i5 model.


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I’m in the same situation, I have a 2013 chassis and its complete with the exception of logic board and screen.

I was thinking of getting a 2015 logic board and then the compatible display for that logic board (5k display)

Dan are you saying there are other compatibility issues using a 2015 board in this chassis? For reference the chassis is a late 2013 (ECM2639) 14.2

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@grantsmith82 - your system only has a retina (2560 by 1440) screen which uses a standard eDP interface. The newer 2015 5K model uses a custom internal display connection to support the 5K retina display (5120 by 2880) screen.

There is just too many other differences which preclude it. Take the time to review the teardowns.


my system currenly doesnt have ANY lcd. i purchased this machine without PSU , Logicboard and screen so i guess if i went for a 2013 logic board i would get the correct 2560x1440 screen LM270WQ1(SD)(F2) if i went for the 2015 logic board i would get the 5120x2880 LM270QQ1(SD)(B1) ''

i put a 2017 board in the 2013 chassis today to test.. (knowing it wouldnt fit due to the USB-c Thunderbolt. but i think nearly all bar 1 screw mount lined up (enough to secure the board for sure. its just i didnt want to purchase a 2015 board and then find that the connecter for this or for that were different..

i think the wifi card sits nearer the edge of the board on 2015+ boards so i know some modification (or swap) or right speaker is required.. just wondered if anyone else knew for sure? is there much advantage for a 2015 over 2013 (other than 5k dispaly, cpu, gpu) ?


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