John Deere 797 Wont Start

Hi guys,

I’m out on a station trying to get the ride on mower started. I was here a month ago and ordered a new starter solenoid as the ride on wasn’t starting but just clicking - ignition system was still working from the key.

I’ve recently got back and installed the new solenoid but now the ignition key is not working (no lights at all) and when the solenoid is shorted between the two terminals it does not click. What is weird is that the machines electrics will start to work briefly when shorted on the starter solenoid and stop when the short is removed. I’ve checked both fuses under the seat and the safetys. The ignition key is getting power so I can assume the circuit is okay and grounded. The 10a fuse for the fuel injector is not getting power though, however I think this is because the machine wont start.

Any help in fixing this would be greatly appreciated as I’m losing my hair over it.



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