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Can you use the iPhone 4 USB charger instead of FireWire?

Hello everyone,

I picked up an iPod 4th gen from a garage sale and I don’t currently have a FireWire charger that was recommended to use with it. The person didn’t have one, but I do have an iPhone 4 original charger and a 30 pin USB connector cable that I recently got from Apple. I’ve looked around and some iPod 4th gens say to use a FireWire only. I thought that a regular 30 pin connector would work just fine, but I don’t want to ruin the iPod I just got by charging it incorrectly. Do I need to use the FireWire charger or can I just use the USB 30 pin connector?

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@andlopez1171 You must use a firewire AC adapter to finalize the restore process. A USB AC adapter will not work. It syncs with USB, but does not finish it's restore process without Firewire. I have 6 of them and do use a Firewire adapter to finish the restore process. While the iPod does technically charge over FireWire, the port that you're using has to be able to supply the necessary voltage. Some FireWire ports, as well as USB ports, particularly those found on laptops, don't necessarily supply a charging current, and therefore the iPod won't charge from such a port. You will need a firewire /30pin dock connector cable for this iPod. The iPod 4th Generation is a great MP3 player so go ahead and invest in an AC firewire charger.

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I'm sorry to resurrect a dead request, but i've also found that if you have a third-party ipod dock that plugs straight into the wall, that supplies enough current to finish the restoration process. so if anyone else panicked that they don't have a firewire cable, just use an ipod dock to do it. I used a TEAC SR-LXi table radio to do it


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