Tools for large portable 5W laserpointer teardown?

This is the first site that has made me hopeful. I have searched and searched only to find same videos or basic soldering info and diode press tools.. please, if someone., anyone can tell me what type of tools are needed to teardown a 5W portable laser pointer??

I have 5W 445nm laser pointer about 13 inches in length the design is very similar to the thor ultra 5W. everything still works but, the diode is extremely dim and needs to be replaced however nearly most of my laser construction looks like it was pressed and if it was screwed in somehow ( what i mean by screwed ) for example the spring which makes contact with batteries is sealed with metal ( im not sure what you would call it) But from my view it was though the back part had to be able to screw on a tool ( threaded type ) then screwed in to the host

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