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Processore quad core Intel Core i7 da 2,2 GHz (3,4 GHz con Turbo boost), 2,5 GHz (fino a 3,7 GHz con Turbo boost) o 2,8 GHz (fino a 4,0 GHz con Turbo boost) con 6 MB di cache L3 condivisa.

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The battery I ordered can barley hold a charge.

I purchased the battery replacement kit and installed the replacement battery and it will not hold a charge. The first time I charged It completely and let it sit for 3 hours. I started using it and it seemed fine. I turned it on for the first time after installing the battery and it said 98% or 99%. I was on it for about 10 minutes and then left. I came back hours later and the battery was dead.

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Many generic batteries are of very low quality. This includes internal circuitry(inside the battery that regulates and communicates with the device),and the quality of the battery itself. This is insanely common for crappy eBay batteries from Hong kong(this happens ALL the time).

It definitely sounds like a bad battery assuming that this never happened with the old battery. I’d get a new one and make sure it is a reputable brand.

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I got the battery from the IFIX Kit. Do they give refund or send another replacement?


If it’s defective,which it is,yes.


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