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LED TV - one single dotted vertical line


I have one vertical dotted 1px thin vertical line on my LG 55SM86 tv. I opened and checked every ribbon cable and it did not fix it. What is reason usually for this kind of thin line? Could it really be cable fault or 100% its within led panel itself as its not “band” that is faulty but just single line? Is it safe to swap left side cable ribbon with right just to check if its cable fault? Asking as on cable there is warnings written LEFT! and RIGHT! side, or its just for factory workers and repair shop to faster know which one goes where..

No warranty.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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How to fix a vertical ic


I have exactly the same issue on my TV and I noticed it was caused by the liquid spilled by my kids on that part of the TV. So maybe that's why the part of the tab lost contact which then resulted in the thin vertical line

How does one solve this ? How can I clean out any residue sticky liquid on that bit of panel ?


That was helpful any idea how to replace the brown rippons themselves I have a damaged one due to cleaning liquid and need help.

I own A uh850v LG 4k tv


me uh8500 black list left screen, you solution?


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@mezzoo that is a TAB error. This happens when the Bond that holds the very thin ribbon cable that connects to the top/side of the panel fails.

Apply some pressure on the TAB that corresponds with where the line is on your screen. See if that changes anything. The attached image is just an example of what to look for.

Block Image

Block Image

I would never advice to flip the cables since it can shorten out your t-con board or your panel. It will all depend on the contacts on the t-con board. I do not recommend that

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Thanks for answer. I already tried that and it did nothing. I put presure on with finger should I try again with some plastic tool?

For how many vertical px lines aswers one TAB solder pin? It has to be more then one..


take a look at your ribbon cable. You problably see multiple ribbons bonded to the panel. You need to try to exert pressure on the ribbon where you see the red line. That will only work if the ribbon cable still has conductivity on the area where it is supposed to be connected. It will not work if you have a broken ribbon cable or lost the contact on the panel.


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