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La Volkswagen mostrò la prima foto ufficiale della New Beetle alcuni giorni prima della sua rivelazione al New York International Auto Show del 2011. Il nuovo modello ha un aspetto molto più aerodinamico e sportivo.

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Water in passenger footwell


Hopefully someone can help,

My wife has a 2002 Beetle, there is no sunroof, I have removed the front plastic at the bottom of the front window and drains are clear and working well, I did notice when pouring water down the passenger door window it was draining out of the bottom of the door and away but there was quite a trickle coming out at the door hinge rubber, is this meant to happen? I have the door panel off but haven’t taken the internal workings of the door off, I didn’t really want to do that if this isn’t the cause, I am a bit of a novice and youtube can only get me so far, has anyone had a similar issue or similar experience with any other cars, any info would be great, look forward to hearing from you.



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Are you sure it is water? Give it a smell, if it smells sweet, it is most likely coolant, which can leak into the passenger side footwell because the heater core is mounted in the dashboard on that side. If it is a leaking heater core, it is a pretty involved repair that involves removing large amounts of the dash. If it is, in fact, water, I would go to a self serve car wash and try to look under the dashboard while someone sprays down the passenger side of the windshield, hood, and door.

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