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Temperature warning message 95°


Mon TM 5 qui à peine 03 ans rencontre un problème avec un message Température à 95° veuillez patienter ,refroidissement du bol avec deux led rouge allumées. Utilisation impossible. Quelqu’un peut nous aider .

Avec tous mes reemerciement

My TM 5 which barely 03 years old encounters a problem with a message Temperature at 95 ° please wait, bowl cooling with two red LEDs on. Impossible to use. Someone can help us. With all my thanks

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This could indicate a malfunctioning bowl or internal a malfunction on the circuitry.

The message information from Thermomix indicates to contact customer care if “… the lid does not open OR the bowl feels cold to the touch and the LED is red”.

Try using a friend’s bowl if possible to see if this one works. To get the malfunctioning bowl out you might need to manually open the locking handles by turning the TM5 off, opening the rear cover and loosening the lock handles. The TM5 Teardown might come in handy here although it is not a repair guide—proceed with caution.

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