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Abrupt sleep after battery replacement, diagnostics can't find problem

Hello everyone,

I was very pleased with receiving a new battery replacement for my Dell XPS 13 9350. They battery works like it should…or at least I hope it is.

A new problem has started with my computer where my computer suddenly hibernates as if the battery was drained, but the computer is plugged in.

According to the Dell Support forum, when something like this happens, there should be a sequence of amber and white led blinks, which I never catch.

I’ve performed every diagnostic test on this device. Ran the Dell Support application. It found nothing wrong. Shut down and ran the Dell Support Diagnostics tests (F11 then use F12 to scroll down to Diagnostics), ran that and it found nothing. Checked the Event Viewer in the Microsoft Administrative tools. Even with a BSCS, the log is still greek to me, but one thing that caught my interest was that there was an information notice that a “Critical Battery Trigger Met” (Event 524, Kernel-Power) which makes no sense because the battery is plugged in and fully charged. A few seconds later according to the log an Event 42, Kernel-Power occurs stating that “The system is entering sleep” and “Sleep Reason: Battery”.

Either I installed a bum battery or the computer is rejecting it. II was working well yesterday. I event let the battery run for about 6 hours just to test the fitness of the new component ant it worked splendidly. But new this new issue started last night when I got home.

Two nights ago when I installed the battery, I had blown out as much dirt, hair, dust, and keyboard crud with a can of compressed air. Even with the added protection of a plastic keyboard cover, there was plenty of junk in there. Could something in the canned air corrupted something?

Another factor, I had tracked my package with UPS. According to the shipping log, the battery was still at a shipping facility over the weekend. Whats more, only of the people who live in the house either didn’t here the delivery person, or the delivery person didn’t knock. So the package, despite being layered in cardboard, foam, and an anti-static bag, sat out on my front porch in the 25-30 degree F weather for a few hours. Could outside weather conditions factored into this random behavior?

The manufacturer of the replacement battery is not Dell but an OEM. Could there be proprietary meddling?

What could be causing this malfunction?

Update (01/30/2020)

Here’s what the summary looks like.

Block Image

This chart shows battery usage over the past three days.

Block Image

Update (01/31/2020)

It’s not the battery!

I’ve started to track the amber/white blinking pattern. It might be 4 amber 1 white 4 amber 1 white 4 amber 1 white before shutting off. Could it be a CMOS error?

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Hi @jrcharney ,

Initial thought is have you still got the old battery and is it in a "reasonable" enough condition to put it back in and check if the problem is still there?

If the problem is no longer there then the new battery may be suspect.

If the problem is still there then at least you might have eliminated the new battery as a possible cause

Also try running a Win 10 battery report on the new battery just another test to see if it reveals anything


@jayeff couple of things:

1. Thanks for such a quick response.

2. Thanks for letting me know about the Windows 10 battery report command (`powercfg /batteryreport`).

Putting the old battery back in doesn't seem to be an option considering it's got that "puffiness" going on with it. So getting the new battery (even with this possible defect, which I hope I don't have) is still way better than putting the old battery back in as a control comparison.

Ironically enough, the minute I opened up adminstrative powershell, another one of those random hibernations happened again, so I will be interesting to see what the report has to say about it.

What should I look for in `C:/Windows/System32/battery-report.html`?

I often work on my computer on a soft surface, but I use one of those custom plastic shells that allow the computer increase protection and ventilation. Could there be a short?


I'm looking at the battery report, which fortunately has been within the last three days so I can see in the report where the battery was replaced because there is an entry that says "Battery changed". The change in capacity is significant, and in a good way.

Before the battery change, the old battery was at 100% but had a remaining capacity of 6,095 mWh even while it was plugged in.

After the change, the new battery, which had an initial charge of 65% with a remaining capacity of 36,444 mWh.

I was pleased with the outcome of this change so I went to bed a little while afterwards to let it charge up to 100%. About an hour later, the capacity of the new battery reached 100% with a remaining capacity value of 55,955 mWh.

The following day, I thought I'd give the new battery a spin down at the local coffee shop. I worked on my computer for several hours. Before I went there I had checked my email at home so when I got to the coffee shop the battery was about 91% around 10:21 that morning.


From 10:21 until about 1:41 that afternoon, I let the battery get to about 41% before putting it on charge because I had to be somwhere that evening. No incidents occured.

The battery was done recharging around 4:15PM when it was back to 100%.

At 5:05PM, the battery was discharging again because I was using my computer on my battery through about 8:30PM which at that point the battery was at 49%.

At 12:53AM, the battery, charged at 100% at 55,955 mWh capacity was full...but the computer abruptly went to sleep as if it ran out of power. I know that it did this because that's when its status was listed as Suspended and two minutes later its status was listed as Active.

I though nothing of it, until it appeared to have done it again at 1:09AM as there was another suspension followed by another active status at 1:11AM. Annoyed, I continued through about 1:56AM when I decided I had enough and went to sleep.


I started my computer up again around 10:21AM yesterday. Thinks seem to have been going well according to the log as the log didn't indicate any suspensions until about 4:25PM when there was a suspension followed by an activation again at 4:26PM. Then it occured again at 4:52PM, of which at that point I decided to run diagnoistics sometime around 7:12PM, where the computer did a battery check at didn't find anything wrong, but when I went back to work it had done it again few more times that evening even after doing upgrades and the weekly Microsoft patch.


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Hi @jrcharney ,

Did you see my last comment in the comments section under your question, (click on the “show more comments” link), you didn’t mention it? ;-)

Also which LED's are flashing as that code doesn’t seem to be there. They only go to 3-6 for the diagnostic LEDs and the Power LEDs don’t have a number count code

As an aside did you notice that the support page for your model has urgent updates for the BIOS 13 Jan 2020, Intel Thunderbolt Controller driver 06 Mar 2019 - updated 9 Aug. 2019 and Intel Management Engine Components Installer 20 Dec 2019.

The BIOS and Management Engine updates appears to be more security related but the Thunderbolt update appears to be more about stability.

Anyway it won’t hurt to update them all but do it one at a time and then wait until satisfied that it is OK before doing the next. Perhaps try the Thunderbolt Controller driver first

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I just wanted to rule out all possibilities before I find out I need to make any purchases. And as it turns out, the charger is not the issue as the same LED sequence happened again.

I just spent about $60 on a battery which seems to be doing fine.

I'm kind of in the middle of taking a class, so I've no time to be in limbo while I exchange for another part.

Not sure if I mentioned that I did perform upgrades. The last Dell Update check I did was on 1/21/2020, so I'm certain that BIOS update must have been done. I'll scan anyway. (Update: Yes, I did update the BIOS last week. So BIOS is good.)


Yes, I saw your post just now.

And to reiterate it goes to sleep as if there was a low battery, even though the battery is at 100% and for the past couple of days I've been able to use that battery for a few hours without needing to recharge. So the battery is working, but something is triggering the computer to SLEEP when the battery is topped off.


So there was a thunderbolt driver update in the Dell Update app. We'll have to see if that has any effect on the problem. Otherwise, I will need to find some time this weekend to run a POST test in the diagnostic.


Hi @jrcharney ,

Have you checked the BIOS's Power Management settings to see if they are at default settings.

Usually system Power states settings S3 = sleep and S4 = Hibernate and Shutdown =S5 if they don't show what they mean

Also what is Windows Control Panel > Power Options > advanced Power options >Sleep > Hibernate set to?

Perhaps if you haven't done so and you haven't altered any BIOS settings to suit your desired requirements and it should be a default settings you might try to reset the BIOS to default settings and check if this resolves it in case there were any corrupted settings in BIOS which may have caused this.

In BIOS there should be an option to "Load all defaults" (F9?)


F2 goes into BIOS settings.

F9 goes into the Diagnostic program.

F11 shows some menu that has those options as well as options on where to boot from. (Might try that later if I every find another micro SD card to run a Linux distro on.)

I went into to the classic Windows Control Panel, found the Power Options under hardware configuration, almost didn't noticed that I had a Power plan ("Balanced (recommended)") which has the setting set to the normal operation (Display off after 5 min on battery, 10 minutes plugged in; Sleep after 15 minutes on battery, 30 plugged in.) .

In the Advanced Power Options under Sleep and Hibernate, both settings for on battery and plugged in are set to 180 minutes (so 3 hours).

However, that thing with the Power happened again. So I pressed F9 like you said and accidentally went to diagnostic again. Diagnostic check out, everything fine, yet again.

I'll have to check the BIOS settings later (maybe the next time this thing seems to happen).


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You got a defective battery based on the discharge curve. Get it replaced and try again before you go blaming other parts of the laptop. Unless you have issues with 2 replacement batteries it's probably not a laptop problem.

Dell is picky about the charger Sense IC having the right hex ID to charge the laptop - they really don’t care about batteries as much. The laptops do reject 3rd party packs, but I’ve never seen them reject a properly decrypted one - it’s the ones that were done wrong or have bad values that don’t match what the laptop is expecting. Dell does sell parts (often not directly to limit liability), so I would not have settled on a clone since you can get a genuine battery. The best clue is price - if it wasn’t that much cheaper then what a company like Parts People sells for ($150) it should be fine. I would be suspicious of anything under ~$130.

If the battery is too cheap, it’s likely a knockoff unless it came from a asset liquidation from a company who sells Dell parts AND it came from Dell directly before the discount seller got it. I totally get it for something like a D630, but the part is available and it's internal so if something goes wrong it isn't like the old days where you removed the pack and saved the laptop if you have time.

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What? No! In fact, I'm starting to suspect that the problem ISN'T the battery.

The device works fine. This event didn't happen when I was discharging the battery nor does it happen when the battery is charging. I believe what is happening here IS a different part of the computer now as when the computer reaches 100%, this is when it starts to happen. And it only seems to happen with the Thunderbolt charger, not with the AC charger.


It's not the charger, but I'm still not convinced it is the battery. Not unless there is an overflow error somewhere that makes the counter reset to 0 when it hits 100% charge.


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I ended up changing the critical battery action in Windows and it solved the problem. It seemed that intermittently, while plugged in, the battery would flag up as critical and Windows would put the machine in to hibernate. It did the same with a battery I supplied and one the customer supplied.

In the end the customer was happy to keep the battery he supplied as it actually held a charge unlike his original and just use it with this work around. I stress tested it for a couple days and it didn’t hibernate and he’s been using it since with no problems. Not the best solution but at least he has a working battery and his laptop doesn’t hibernate while plugged in.

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I have been dealing with the sleep/hibernation problem described in this thread for over 6 months now. I tried this solution yesterday and for the 1st time, something different happened. Instead of it going to sleep in what appears to be random intervals (blinking orange and white lights and a message about the battery being low) it exhibited all the same behavior EXCEPT for going to sleep. I unplugged the power supply (when the blue batter low message was displayed) and then plugged it back in again and it stayed awake (my battery is fully charged). This is better than before since it does not go to sleep, but for some reason, the laptop is still thinking the battery is low when it's not. I also have now experienced the white flashing LED without it going to sleep. Before today that only happened if there was an obvious write to disk when it was flashing (or 40+ mouse clicks on the desktop would also keep it awake).


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With my XPS 13 9350 setting the critical action to do nothing is certainly better than letting it go to sleep. It’s just a matter of dismissing a dialog instead of having to restart everything. Also, it seems like its hitting this condition a little less after I set the critical battery action to do nothing. A real solution would be better and I also would welcome an answer as to how to fix this instead of simply circumventing it like I am doing now. As far as I can tell Dell no longer sells new batteries…I have been in contact with Dell about it getting a new one. I would rather not get a new one as the 3rd party one is working fine except for this hibernation issue that popped up after I put the replacement battery in.

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Martin, go into your power settings and advanced power settings - go down to battery and select the following options:

- Critical Battery Notification> Plugged in> off

- Critical Battery Action> Plugged in> Do nothing

- Low Battery Notification> Plugged in> off

- Low Battery Action> Plugged in> Do nothing

It will still flash the warning lights, but the computer will keep working without any issues or problems.

If I unplug my laptop from the power none of the issues happen, hence I only applied these notification/action settings to plugged in options.

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Hi I have been experiencing the same hibernation problem after changing my battery on my XPS 13 9350. To make matters worse it only seems to be happening when I am djing which is really embarrassing considering the fact that for 10 seconds no music is being at the bar/club that I am working. I really hope the abovementioned solution fixes this problem because I don’t wanna buy a new laptop just for this reason alone.


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