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Repair guides and support for 17" laptops in the Pavilion Notebook 17 series. These laptops have model numbers 17-g000 – 17-g099.

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CPU Fan not getting Power ( Fan Works ) HELP

Hey Guys,

Pav 17-e118dx

I picked this laptop up to do some maint and sell. The Fan was extremely noisy so like usual I took laptop apart and replaced the fan, when i replaced the fan i replaced the thermal paste with better aftermarket paste. Everything seemed to go smoothly . I booted it up and got the cpu fan error . I verified the fan was working by taking it back apart and hooking it to a small power source. Spins good sounds good. I put back together and it still wont spin . These are all the avenues i have gone

Bios checked fan always on - toggled it on and off both have no change

Removed the battery and all power source- Hoping i could get a reset to maybe something in the firmware

Hooked another fan up ( nothing no spinning )

Hardware is a Fan specific to that build if anyone wants to know.

Ive repaired thousands of laptops and im scratching my head on this one. Flashing the bios help? Updating? Could a sensor be shorted out? What are my options!


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@holmesit check the fan connector to see if it even switches the fan on. Sounds like a bad “sensor” or “tach” on this. We would need to know the exact motherboard in this HP. Check for make/model/serial number or anything that may help us identify which board this is.

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