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Tefal Actifry - Convection Cooker. First launched in 2006, this revolutionary, versatile fryer allows you to cook a wide range of meals economically and its also safer and easier to clean than other fryers

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How do I change the heater element?

I have bought a replacement element, I need help on how to fit it

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It seems common for the heater not to work after a paddle motor replacement... The paddle stopped turning on mine and after fitting a replacement motor the heater and fan did not work but the paddle did. After careful examination of the circuit board I noticed that the larger of the two fuses had blown. It looks like an antisurge fuse and it was very difficult to see if it was blown but my meter confirmed it was U/S. Unfortunately the fuse needs to be desoldered and a replacement soldered back onto the circuit board. All good afterwards. Tefal need to think about their philosophy and try to make stuff that lasts longer than 12 months and is also easier to repair.

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