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Released on June 23, 1996, Model NUS-001, 64-bit gaming console

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N64 will not working on my TV

Hi I buy a n64 on ebay for Christmas. I tried to play it but nothing is coming up, no sound or pic.I tried it on different TVs etc smart, LCD, even the older boxed style that I had in my house.

The n64 works on my mates LCD TV no problem so the console and cables are working fine. I don't know why it works on his and not mine.

Can someone help with this problem please.

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I'm using a RCA connector and the n64 is the only connected to the TV.


So it sounds like you have the three pronged OEM connector (red, yellow, and white) and you have it hooked up to the tv . If it's a newer tv i would suspect it has like red white and blue or green or something right? If you hook it up and set the input to component/video, do you see any flickering at all? or is there absolutely no input detected? And from your question it sounds like you have tried it on multiple tv's but it only works on one tv, are you using the same cords each time?


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My initial thought is that it is an input problem. How are you connecting this to your TV? 3-pronged A/V? Or do you have an HDMI converter? I know on some TV’s it’s just a matter of switching between the general inputs and on some others there’s a difference between HDMI inputs and Comp/Video. Also do you have anything else connected to the TV already? Like a VCR or DVD or other console?

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Yeah i'm using a OEM connector. Been put it on component input, using the same cords everytime.


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