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iPhone stuck in boot loop after Apple logo replacement

So I recently installed a glowing Apple logo in my iPhone 6s Plus. While trying to remove the old one with a hair dryer I smelled something burning so I stopped. I got the logo installed and now the iPhone will work for about 3 minutes then reboot. It’s always three minutes which is weird. It wasn’t doing this before so could it be the Apple logo, the battery, or have I damaged the motherboard? Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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Ok if you were adding an led apple logo, then smelt burning and stopped. How did you eventually add it.

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I thought I smelled something burning, but I thought it just might be the hair dryer. I stopped trying to remove the logo for about five minutes while I tried to locate where the smell was coming from, but nothing appeared damaged. So I tried a different method for removing the original logo. It turns out I wasn't quite doing it correctly the first time because the English in the instructions was not very good. I eventually figured it out though but I think the burning smell may have come from the mother board. Although the logo works fine. Do you think that possibly the logo could be causing problems? I mean it was just a $10 product I found on eBay that I had heard was pretty good.


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