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Screen replaced but home button/wi-fi disabled

Hi, I’ve replaced my iPhone 7 Plus screen, when I’ve connected everything and powered up there is no response from the Home button and the wi-fi symbol is grey and crossed out.

  • I’ve tried to re-seat the connectors a number of times
  • I’ve bought a secondary replacement but that does the same
  • I’ve connected up the original broken screen and both the wi-fi and home button are fully operational again.

Has anyone experienced this before?

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With an iPhone 4S, I had the WiFi problem for no apparent reason, but otherwise don’t really know about that. I will have a look and try to get back to you on that.

Home button wise, it could easily have been damaged whilst moving across t the new screen. I’m the iPhone 7 and above, if the home button is damaged, not only will you lose Touch ID forever, but you will also lose all home button functionality. The flex cables are extremely delicate and easy to break. Use a microscope to see if you can spot any damage. Was there anything that was left behind in the old screen, causing it to function in the old screen but not in the new?

Mayne take it I to a reputable repair shop and ask for their advice, as it is hard to know without seeing it.

(I have heard of a replacement home button, which uses Bluetooth. As the Apple repairs can be pricy, I reccommend looking it up. I found it from YouTube, I will leave the link to the video in the comments of this answer)

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This channel repairs iPhones, in the video he replaces the home button of an iPhone 8, and gives the details. There are also compatible models for iPhone 7. Highly recommend checking out.


Hi, the home button still functions if I connect it to the original screen so I don't think it's damaged


@markshade sorry just saw that. May be that something n was left behind in the original screen? I don’t think Apple has blocked 3rd party screen replacements. Otherwise I’m not too sure, it seems a bit strange really. I will keep researching and let you know if I think of anything


@therepairer potentially, I've taken a look in the original screen put can't see anything that would provide additional connectivity. Thanks for the responses.


@markshade no problem, I find it very strange! I think it may be a good idea to take in the phone and original screen to a repair shop and see what they think.


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Okay so you have two problems.

1.       Home button.

If the home button works with the original screen it means the screen replacements you are using are faulty.

2.       Wi-Fi is greyed out when using replacement screen.

This could be a problem as the main reason Wi-Fi gets greyed out is a power issue going into the IC. A screen should have no influence on this, if it did the phone would not boot.

Try your original screen without installing it in the housing and check Wi-Fi. Do the same with one of your replacement screens. I think you will find they both have the same result whichever it is.

If they show the same result it would confirm Wi-Fi IC issue. Most likely from the screens being different, resulting in a variation of pressure being applied to the Wi-Fi IC from the screen when clicked into the housing.

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When you say Wi-Fi is greyed out with a line through it do you mean in settings or on the top of screen. Check in settings and see if it is greyed out there.


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