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14" business laptop released in 2014. One of the first Haswell business laptops on the market.

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New Dell Latitude E6440 Won't Power On?

I got a Dell Latitude E6440 from Walmart for Christmas today and sadly, it won't power on. I've tried contacting customer support but they've told me that my warranty has expired. I wouldn't like to pay for repairs for a new laptop that I just got, so I am coming here in hope for answers!

When I power the laptop on, the LEDs come on as normal (the battery and power ones) and the laptop starts making a noise. After a while the fan of the laptop begins to spin really fast and the laptop powers off. Please help me out if you can!

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Hi @moviemochaa ,

Your laptop should still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Use this link to verify if this is still the case or not.

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I have previously had this problem on another Dell laptop, it is indicating that something on the motherboard has failed, so you are pretty much stuck with replacing the motherboard. You can buy one from eBay or Ali-express

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