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A bluetooth and wifi-capable AM/FM radio speaker.

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Why do I have one side of the stereo less loud than the other?

This happens when using all kind of input (cable jack, bluetooth or network). Stereo sound is bad. One side (left/right) is less audible than the other. It looks like it’s almost muted but I can definitely hear it when muting one side of the stereo sound. I think this might be related to one of the speaker inside but I won’t be against some help. ;-)

Has anybody fixed such kind of issue?

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Check the cable by doing the switcheroo. If you did this and the other speaker works, then you can assume that it’s the amplifier and not the speaker. If it’s the amplifier, then it can be either that you are using a secondary device to control the volume, such as a computer or a sound system and it’s settings are wrong. There might be a loose cable inside the AMP, so open it up and check. A fuse or the final FET for that channel might have blown inside of the AMP. Clean up everything inside the AMP and check for components that may look burnt. I hope this helps.

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