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Home Button "Z" Spring Solder Pad Fell Off

I was given an iPod touch to fix and in the process I managed to break off the "Z" shaped spring that makes the home button work AND the solder pad underneath it. I have looked and looked and I can't find a trace near it to solder onto. Does anyone know where this missing trace is or what an alternate solder point is? I'd rather not go the SBSettings/Activator route if I don't have to... Any input is appreciated.

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the best way to repair is to solder back on

i did this in 6 min.

solder a small beed on the z spring and small beed on the setting plate on the logic board.

then with needle nose pliers hold the spring in place and with your free hand hold your solder iron to the spring for about 4 seconds

this will min automaticly,,

note: this will heat up the connection and turn your ipod on

as soon as your ipod comes on , you have a good connection

best of luck

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still have my spring, what kind of soldering iron did you use? type of solder, etc.

Thanks Randall



as to your questions

1) what kind of soldering iron did you use.

a simple cheep standard pen soldering iron, i bought on ebay for 5.99

110v 30w

2) type of solder

solder i bought at Radio Shack for 3.99

.032 60/40 rosin-core light duty solder


hope this helps



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I found another solder point for a z-spring connection. A wire would have to be soldered to it then soldered to the z-spring which in turn would have to be secured (super glue?) to the point where the spring was originally.

Block Image

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Here you go.....Also included a of the orientation of the "Z" spring.



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Replaced original drop-box pics with Photobucket upload......Hopefully its view-able now!


Thanks, but I can't get to the DropBox files.

I was able to find the contact point and make a new spring (I lost the old one). This repair has been hectic, lol, but it was successful in the end.

The contact point was the little round thing in the middle of the solder pad, I had to scrape the coating off on top of it to get enough to solder onto, but the iPod works again!

A picture of the contact, in the off chance that anyone else makes this mistake:

Scraping away the coating will reveal a little copper place that is solderable!


did you end up getting a new spring ?


I don't know about the OP, but I had some other electronics boards around and had to find one and use it......Not an ready piece to find for replacement.


Any specifics on brand of soldering iron and metal to use please?



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is there r any way 2 use the Ipod without the home button??? like n software which will do the home button work/......or like guide

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