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Model PowerBook 1400 Series. Released October 1996

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A/C adapter replacement interchange?

Can I use the Lombard G3 A/C adapter (model M4402) -45W-24V-1.875A on the powerbook 1400CS (adapter 24V-2.65A)? if not I need a low cost replacement A/C adapter

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I'm using a 45 watt M3037 (probably a Wallstreet Model) on my 5300CE which is the top of the line of the 1400 series, with no problems.


Apple PowerBook iBook Original, 1400, 3400, G3 Series AC Adapter

Item #: MC-PS1400 1000673

Works with the iBook Original, 1400, 3400, G3 Series PowerBooks!

Do a search for "MC-PS1400" for much better prices.

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Up to 2006, the plug was the same for all portable mac computers, however, I would count on the voltage not matching

I found this on ebay for 13.00

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That is not the end tip I have. The one shown has a male end, mine has a small female center tip.


That plug listed is right, i googled it and they are a exact match


+ I looked up my part number and it's not for the 1400, it works on Apple PB 190, 190CS, 5300, 5300C, 5300CE, 5300CS Laptop AC Adapter

That's a good price on the one you found.


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