LED string lights stopped working after I changed the colour order of

I see that this is a very old post so I am just praying that someone sees my comment and can help me sort out what went wrong with the light strands I was working on. So I plugged both sets in at different times, and each worked fine. Then I unplugged and began to rearrange the colours. I was careful of course but there were times when I did run into an issue where this or that bulb wouldn't fit into the spot or spots I wanted that specific bulb colour to go. I can't recall the original colour order now--I didn't think I would need to. And not yet found anything helpful online. Things about these lights are odd. 1)The strand has 2 of those torpedo shaped fuse link things--In all the years I have been hanging mini lights never seen these fuse links. 2)These strands warn not to exceed 75 lights in total/combined--never heard of a strand having a max of 75 bulbs, especially when the strand oddly already has 72! 3)I have never heard of a light strand that could not be plugged into several others at the same time! 4)Where is it written that bulb colour order cannot be switched around? These 2 strands were otherwise in excellent condition before I moved the bulbs around. These are green wired, indoor, 3amp, 20v if memory serves, led, the pin is oddly shaped but easy to know which way to line the bulb up for rentry as there is a tiny clasp to indicate which way is the correct way. The bulbs are shaped like incandescent mini lights minus the nip tip but these have a diamond pattern or texture and are plastic not glass. Each has a male and female end. All tags are attached yet cannot find brand name, nor can I recall where I purchased. Maybe the correct colour order will fix these strands? My finger tips are already raw from earlier so unless someone knows of a for sure fix I won't be doing anymore to these strands. Thanks in advance.

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I have no answer but I do have 2 BN LED light strings still not working, about 6 watches, a smart tv, 2 lg v20 smartphones, a fireplace, a fan, a dozen zippers, a couple of music boxes, I'm sure there are a handful of other items not working and you can bet the he washer n dryer will be next??


@bab3 Can you post 2 questions; one about the 2 LG V20s and one about the fan, to the Answers forum? I would be happy to help you if you have trouble posting the questions.


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