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Broken LCD on Lenovo N23


My N23 chromebook is cracked, so I have two questions:

1-somebody can show me where I could buy a new LCD screen? Just to avoid buying the wrong one.

2 - I have some experience in replacing LCD´s, but does somebody have experience precise with this model? It would be way faster with a guide :)

Thank you so much!

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(Remove cover and Disconnect Battery) Remove the front LCD Plastic Cover, Remove 4 LCD Screws and Install a new one. You can buy any LCD Screen with this specs from mayor sellers.


size: 11.6" WideScreen info

resolution: HD (1366x768) info

Surface Type: Matte info

Video Connector: 30 pin video connector info

Mountings: Side Brackets info

ORRRR if you want to be 100% SURE that screen will work, remove the broken LCD Screen and buy it by model Number LTXXXXXX something.

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Luckily I work with these laptops everyday and the screens are pretty much the same between all 11” chromebooks from what we have experinced. All you need to do is remove the 4 hidden screws on the display bezel and then remove that. (it does take some force but be sure not to break it) Then there will be 4 screws around the screen remove those but don’t yank the screen out there is a ribbon cable then cut the tape on there and lift the little hinged connector and remove it then replace the screen and redo all the steps.

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