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Is my PS4 Pro GPU bad?

It does this on various games, but I just bought the new Call of Duty and it's unplayable  I had this same issue with Rainbow Six: Siege but I have no issues in Overwatch, Rocket League or other games. Just don't know what's going on. I'll add that after the issue with siege last year I took the ps4 pro apart and made sure it was clean and it really was pretty dust free on the inside. This is the first version of the pro and I've had it since it was released.

 Video example of what's happening and it's noticeable about 5 seconds into it. It's much much worse in Siege and the rainbow glitch effect cover 99 percent of the screen. I've tried a factory reset, switching hdmi ports, different tv's, turning off and on hdr and even on rainbow six using the digital download version and none of that fixed the issue. Is it a gpu issue or? What's weird is the issue has persisted for a long time but only effects certain games (so far just this one and siege unless I forgot about one)

 And if you think that is playable, well, here is siege - ++

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Hi! I have the same exact issue. Did this turn out to be a hardware issue, and did Sony end up repairing it for you?


I have very similar issue going when i play call of duty Coldwar with certain maps it seems.

Sometimes I see the graphics of the sky or watet flicker and turn Grey or white but while some areas are doing this other parts are normal.

I dont know if my fans get louder due to I always have my headset on.

This is my 2md PS4 pro and the 1st one ran call of duty fine but would get a lot of blue screens which lead me to get a 2nd PS4 pro.


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Video RAM data integrity issue, if this is not caused by software, it is difficult to narrow down and repair. Try checking SoC power stability, soldering or RAM chips.

Game console SoC are encrypted and paired to the board, making repairs extremely costly. So most of the times it is not worth the effort.

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Normally the integrated hardware on consoles will not as often be the problem. I would recommend going around and checking all of the connections between the console and your TV. If reconnecting the cables still doesn’t solve the problem then I would recommend trying to replace the cable with a better one.

Another cause of artifacting like that is if the console is getting to hot. So if the console is not in a well ventilated space, or there is dust in the system, this is a problem that has occurred (frequently from what i’ve seen).

What to try:

Move your console to a more ventilated area so that it is able to breathe

Clean any dust from the console with a can of compressed air

check all cable connections

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So I've tried two tvs (a TCL and a Vizio p series), three cables (a monoprice quality one, Amazon basics and insignia), a new hard drive today with a fresh ps system install and also cleaned out the system and installed fresh thermal past this spring. It's also in a well ventilated area on a shelf near the TV with plenty of space around it including the back. I'll add that originally rainbow six didn't have this issue and then it just kind of began with call of duty a year ago and then the issue started with rainbow. It doesn't happen with other games though like rocket league, Overwatch or fortnite. Loading up the single player version of call of duty modern warfare doesn't have any noticeable issues either which is weird.


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Hi I wanted you to tell me the thermal pads how many mm thick they are ps4 pro .

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