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The 8th generation (E110) of Toyota's best-selling compact car.

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DRL wire to disconnect daytime lights

trying to disconnect daytime lights and wanting to know which wire to cut 00 corolla

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acedudeandme not sure why you would want to that. There is a reason why your vehicle has that safety feature. For academic reason only, here is how. You have to pull the headlight module out. It’s up behind glovebox and cut off the DRL pin (pin 23 which should be a red wire/blue stripe).

Block Image

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Hello ; ______________________On my 1999 toy corolla……….I have found you can keep the DRL off …..if before you insert your key….to slightly lift the hand parking brake. First, make sure your parking brake isn’t adjusted too tightly……..then ..instead of pulling your brake handle up one click as others suggest…which I think is excessive..…… simply insert a cap from a spray paint can under the brake handle…..which will raise it slightly. You should also tape around the sharp edge of the cap with vinyl electrical tape for protection. Now, when you insert and turn your key to the on position… will see the parking brake indicator light lit up. This can also be accomplished…..without the spray paint cap…………. by installing a small switch in the parking brake wiring under the armrest. —————jim taylor

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