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1x Zoom on back camera and Flash not working


Recently made a chassis replacement on my iPhone XS Max, and I’ve bumped into these 2 issues… The 2x zoom works on the back camera, but not the 1x zoom.

Also, I tried another flashlight cable, still not turning on. What’s interesting though is that the power button functions perfectly.

Has anyone ran into the same problem ? Or I just broke the back camera unit ?


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I have this problem with 1X zoom as well. Replaced customers rear lens and now camera blurry 1x zoom bit works ok 2x and higher. Did you find a solution? Sorry realise this is an old question..

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Hi ! Unfortunately not. I’ve try to swap every part with no result. I think this is a motherboard-related problem.


go to settings >privacy >camera and close all apps. and restart your iphone. Hope it works


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