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Hewlett-Packard ha iniziato a produrre personal computer di tipo laptop nel 1993.

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What is this rubber ring?

Hi all.

I have changed the drive on a HP y0a95ea#uuw.

But I have a black rubber ring what is that for?

Block Image


Regards Daniel

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Hi @danielpt I tried looking up the model number you gave, and I can't find anything. could you double check your model number?


I think I found it. apologies.


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usually, with hard drives, they use little rubber things like the one you have to reduce vibrations in the mount of the hard drive. It probably fits in somewhere around the mounting mechanism for the hard drive.

I imagine it would go go in one of the circled areas.

Block Image

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Hi. Thanks for that. I only have 1 but I have switched to ssd so i think All good but meny Thanks


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