VS2721 controller volume wheel problematic when turned, cable faulty

I have the VS2721 model of speakers, which work very well. The problem is with the controller and the cable that plugs into my PC.

First, the controller. The issue is when I turn the volume wheel, either foward or backwards, the speakers bark like when you turn a speaker cable plugged into the speaker port. This would be fine, if the sound doesn't go off, usually in the right speaker, after the barking. Thus, every time I turn the wheel, I get those loud sounds, and I lose sound in one of my speakers. Then, what I have to do is press the volume button down, as in from my fingers on top pressing the button down into the controller while the controller is horizontal on the table. With some pressing and turning, I eventually get my sound back, usually when my volume button is near full volume. So, I need info on what's the problem that causes this, and whether I can fix this.

Second, a simpler issue, my cable that plugs into my PC needs to be bent into a certain angle to get sound in both my speakers, otherwise I lose sound in my right speaker. For this, I think that perhaps my cable wirings are faulty, so replacing the wire should work, but I need to know how best to do this, and any recommendations for components needed.

So those are my issues, and help is greatly needed, as I don't want to replace such good speakers for a peripheral problem. The easiest solution is if someone could source me a spare controller for this model, as that would be amazing. Then I can just change the controller and I would have a fully functioning speaker system again.

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