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TM5 crashes when pressing UI

My TM5 shutdown during cooking, and after rebooting, when pressing Next at the initial warnings and disclaimers, it crashes again. I’ve disassembled and cleaned the main board with alcohol, and all the caps looked fine. After cleaning it looked ok for half an hour, but then it started doing this again. It seems that the reboot happens while it’s playing the clicking sound. Anyone has any clues of what the issue might be? It’s two and half years old…

Atualizar (01-06-2020)

I fixed it by reflowing the circuit that lies on the back of the display and that seems to have fixed it (been going for some months now). Seems it was a bad solder joint somewhere but I couldn’t pinpoint as I don’t have a microscope.

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Same issue here.

Keeps rebooting when plugging the cookidoo!

Vorverk asks for us to pay to send it back so they can have a look at it. Not really fair if it is a firmware issue…


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Hey Fábio, the good news - you are not alone - this is a weird issue that mostly stops when unplugging the Cookidoo chip (Wifi Device). Normal recipy chips will work fine. IMHO there was kind of a software bug rolled putnin the last update that causes some devices to constantly reboot. I have the same issue too since today - Vorwerk expects me to send the device in (where they will perhaps rollback the Firmware).

hope this helps,


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Did you have to pay for it?


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Hi Fabio, i have same problem - could you tell some details what you mean “I fixed it by reflowing the circuit that lies on the back of the display”. Thanks for help.

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