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A budget laptop that was manufactured in 2013 by Acer under the Aspire product line.

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Laptop not switching on


My laptop is not switching on, I have checked the power adapter and the battery and there are both working. I get the orange light when it's charging and I get the blue light when it's charged how ever when I switch it on nothing happens. What is the cause and how do I fix it?

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Hi Shnisani,

for first, can you answer, how did it happen? Or, is there any helpful information which can help with the solution?

It’s look like BIOS stuck or just RAM bug, try:

  • Reset your bios using CMOS reset (disconnect power, battery and the small battery on the MB, if it’s model without battery on the MB, try to press the power button for about 30-60s and then it may be work - or pressing)
  • Unplug your RAMs and clean slot, then, insert only one (if you have more) and try to turn on, if nothing, select another slot
  • Disconnect your HDD and try to boot without it
  • Check cables from MB to display

It may be the only bug, but we need to know if the laptop is turning on without cooler start if the HDD is working while the laptop is about to start.

If nothing worked, write more description of your issue to comments.

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Thank you


i switched the Ram slot and removed the battery and the small battery on the MB then i press the power button for 30sec .

put everything back and when i put on power without the main battery, the LED light came on and i presspressed the power button and everything came on.

Thank you


Hi Shnisani, so well done! :) I'm happy that you have solved your issue.


Hi Lucas

My Acer Aspire ES 14 doesn't turn on with the battery on it and even without the battery, it still doesn't work. Please help me. Thank u!


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