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Not charging but recognizes in 3utools

I have an iPhone 8 come in for repair from a customer…..

Anyways, the iPhone 8 does not charge. I even put a new battery in and it’ll boot but will not charge. It works perfectly and read with 3utools and shows proper battery percentage so I don’t think Tristar is involved. I also checked on the board for q3200 and q3201 and they are there and not missing. The resistors are also on the board. What would be the culprit of this on board?

I also tried a new charging port and still nothing. My amp meter shows 0.02amps when a new battery is connected and on…. However , battery icon doesn’t turn green for chsrging.. what’s most likely fault? It feels o me it’s missing some sort of 5volt rail or something or usb connection to charge…

Thank you

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This problem is complex to solve that you need to check all the pads of charging connector.Charger gives the voltage but circuit don`t accept the voltage.

Possible solution.

1- Check the charging pin for band and loose connection.

2-Check the resistor open on the connector line.

3 -Check the I2C line.

4 - Trister reverse gate track.

5 - M5500 might be faulty remember M5500 has AP EEPROM inveld there.

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I've checked forOL ON BATTERY CONNECTOR AND EVERYTHING IS FINE... I am not very crazy knowledgeable on board schematic but I do have some knowledge using zxwtools...

For ol, q3200 and q3201 and the resistors seem fine...


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