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Repair and disassembly guides for food cooling appliances including refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers.

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Why won’t water or ice come out in the door?

I have a Kenmore Elite `frig, model #795.74025.411, and it won’t give any ice or water in the door. It does make ice, but you can’t get it out in the door.

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1 – Micro Switch On Dispenser Lever Faulty

The micro switch that controls dispensing can crack, fall off the frame, or become faulty (no continuity). – Test with meter for continuity (be sure to press the switch when checking for continuity). – Check to see if it fell off the frame and it is not in the correct position. – Inspect to see if switch is cracked or burnt. Replace the Micro Switch On Dispenser Lever if faulty.

2 – Refrigerator Door Switch Faulty

The door switch “closes” when the refrigerator door is shut, it can crack or become faulty (no continuity). – Check to see if switch is cracked or burnt. – Test with meter for continuity (be sure to press the switch when checking for continuity). – Inspect to see if it fell off the frame and not in the proper position. Replace the Refrigerator Door Switch if found to be not working as designed.

3 – Dispenser Control Board Faulty

The dispenser control board controls the water and ice and the display, it can become faulty over time. – Check for any burns on the circuit board. – Inspect the board for signs of a short such as a popped capacitor or other issue. Replace the Dispenser Control Board if found to be the issue.

4 – Water Inlet Valve Faulty

The water inlet valve supplies water to the refrigerator and can be faulty either mechanically or electrically. – Test solenoid valve coils with meter for continuity. – Check if the valve is clogged, if so remove clog and inspect valve for other issues. Replace the Water Inlet Valve if found to be not in working order.

5 – Internal Wiring Issues

The wiring and wiring harnesses within the refrigerator may have an issue. – Check in the refrigerator for disconnected wire harnesses. – Inspect for loose wiring within the fridge and reconnect if found. – Look for any sign of faulty wiring by looking for burned or cut wire harnesses. Replace any wiring that you find to be faulty or damaged.

6 – Low Water Pressure

Water pressure going to a refrigerator must be 20 PSi minimum. – Check the water line to see if the water coming from the wall has proper pressure. – Inspect the water supply valve to be sure it is not clogged or has low pressure. Fix any water supply issues to solve any problems with the refrigerator.

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I hope this helps

Kenmore elite frige not cooling

Hit the score button if it does


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The question is about dispensing not cooling.


Thanks @mayer for the update and love you -1


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