My screen lost the touch

The touch screen on my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7 camera don’t respond to touch. I installed a new screen with the same negative result. Otherwise it works fine and all “physical knobs” do their “jobs”. I just can not change any settings.

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As I am quite sure you are aware, as per the second to last photo in the following link, the touch screen connects to another circuit board which could also be a potential source of malfunctioning electronic components. If the replacement cables are mounted correctly/securely and no damage was incurred during the touch screen replacement then examination of the linking circuitry will more than likely be required. It may just be a case that the louch screen didn't need to be replaced but became inoperative due to another malfunctioning component.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7 LCD Screen Replacement


Thank you for your time, "prop man". I just hoped somebody had the same unfortunate occasion and "went deeper in the circuitry" to save my own troubleshooting.


@Georgi R Hopefully someone with more knowledge regarding that unit will come along. Good luck! :-)

PS You might want to also explore for possible solutions on that camera too.


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