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Electrical problems with combination meter or speed sensor.

This vehicle is a 1994 Toyota base pickup with the four cylinder 22RE engine and five speed floor shifted manual transmission. Odometer reads an accurate 32,000 miles. For a long time, while driving, when I actuate a turn signal, the speedometer needle drops momentarily to Zero, then resumes its accurate reading. Lately, the warning lights for the battery and the parking brake stay lit (slightly dimmer) when the engine is running. Something is now allowing the battery to drain when the engine is off.

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@pj902 “Something is now allowing the battery to drain when the engine is off. “ that is okay because you do not want to drain the battery. For the lights, you do want to go ahead and check the alternator output and your battery. Make sure that the alternator does its job and that the battery can hold a charge. The alternator test video on here 1997-2003 Ford F-150 Alternator Replacement should work for your alternator as well.

Check the switch on your parking brake handle and make sure that it works properly. If you find that everything is okay with the battery.alternator and emergency brake then I would suggest you check your wiring harness. This “when I actuate a turn signal, the speedometer needle drops  “ leads me to believe that you may have an issue with either bad ground or with some open wires. Remove the wiring harness and clean the connectors, check for corrosion and loose wires etc.

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