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Budget laptop released by Samsung in 2011.

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Why my lcd backlight monitor doesn't work?

I was cleaning my laptop and I accidentally dropped motherboard and one smd capacitor fell off and I soldered new smd capacitor and turn on my laptop and the problem is not fixed I can see icons on display but no backlight???

Please response in short time thank you.

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Pretty sure this is a volunteer driven community forum. If you want fast service this is probably not the best place to post your enquiry unless someone who is knowledgable about a particular subject just happens to be here at the right time and decides to volunteer their time by answering. Then again paying for service doesn't always guarantee fast response time either so sometimes ya just can't win either way :-)

Edit: And if it's not classified as a "volunteer driven community forum" where's the heck my paycheck? lol


Hi @propman,

Perhaps payable in the "afterlife" ;-)



@jayeff heh! Not holding my breath that's for sure! :-)


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Hi @dzony ,

Here’s an image from p.29 of the motherboard schematics for your laptop. Click on the “pink” Download from here link on the page

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Apologies that I cannot enlarge it further. You may have to download the file to view it. It is a .rar file so you’ll need something like This -example only etc to compile the file so that you can access it once you have downloaded it.

Hopefully it is of some help.

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