How do I reset my locked Arnova 7k G3

My Arnova 7k G3 is locked. How do i reset it. All the tutorials reference pressing the up and down volume keys but there are no exterior volume keys on my model. Can you help

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The following information doesn't specifically mention the 7 G3 but you may want to try the reset options they mention for the 8 and 10 models.

Going into Recovery Mode on the Arnova 8:

- Hold down the reset button with the end of a paperclip

- Connect your charger at the same time as continuously double pressing the button on the front of the device (press, press, pause… press, press, pause etc.) until recovery mode appears on the screen

- In this menu you can navigate and choose with the touchscreen on your tablet - 4 options are offered to you:

Other information may be available/applicable for the country you reside in.


Thanx... I'll give it a shot


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