Replacing keyboard - need adhesive?

The LG Gram 15” Repairability Assessment says “Keyboard is hidden beneath thin-film insulator taped in place. If you're performing a keyboard replacement, you'll need to buy replacement adhesive for this film.”

Can someone tell me exactly what replacement adhesive to buy and where to buy it? Is there also a possibility that I might damage the thin-film insulator and need to replace it? If so, where would I get it?

Thanks for any help, the keyboard is driving me nuts! If anyone has done this and has advice, I would be very grateful to hear it!!

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Not a direct answer to your question but if the keyboard is driving you nuts and you need a break from it, have you considered just plugging in an external usb keyboard? Might be better for the old blood pressure until you source the new parts. :-)


@propman - I'll confess. Last year I rebuilt my desktop computer. I really went overboard, and I have to say, it's a really nice machine (I used my old Lian-Li case). But I'd gotten into the habit of laying on my bed and using my laptop! I've been using the annoyance of this keyboard (I finish typing and have to go back and add all the t's!) to get myself back to sitting at my desk and using my desktop.

But at night, I want to use the laptop and then I think I have to stop putting it off and fix it. It's been a year!

So I'm manipulating myself...I hope to get upset enough to set up VMware and some VMs on the desktop.

Thanks for your concern! ;-)


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