Argus Le, got stuck, turns on but will rattle & stop spinning.

Argus Le, got stuck (with carrots), after much work I was able to disassemble it. It did turn on but with a noticable rattle then a short while after it stopped spinning. I checked with the manual & was advised to store it in a cool place for an hour, which I did. I put it together, plugged it back up & turned it on. The rattling was less noticable but it did not doing at all. Please HELP!!!

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One of the annoying and patience trying when attempting to fix unfamiliar equipment is having to take it apart and reassemble 2 or 3 times. The more times a person does it though, the more familiar they become with things they may have missed the first time around. Some common issues can be, component orientation, using the wrong screw in the wrong hole (pay attention to screw length), over looked or "extra" components etc. "Rattling" suggests a possible loose component or a component (such as a screw) that is moving around inside the unit. If the unit won't turn on it may be an electronic component has malfunctioned to the point of destruction. Or it could be a misaligned switch. Is there a fuse anywhere on the unit's circuit board? It may have blown if the unit was under too much stress after you reassembled it. Best to take the rascal apart again to see what's happening.


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