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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 is the fourth generation of Samsung tablets that has a larger screen, higher camera resolution, and 1.5 GB of RAM.

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Replaced battery and get no response when charging or turning on.

Recently I replaced the battery on a customer’s Samsung tablet. Before the replacement they said it had been left sitting for 6 months, and when they picked it up again it was dead. They took it in to Samsung and they were told the battery needed replacing. After the replacement I still got no signs of life out of it when trying to turn it on or charge it, just a black screen. I tried opening it up again and making sure everything was connected, I held down the power button, I pushed the power button and the volume buttons at the same time, and I plugged it in to my computer (which didn’t even recognize that it was there). I have absolutely no idea what to try next. Could someone give me some advice please? Thanks!

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FWIW, your troubleshooting comments don't mention anything about using a multimeter. :-)


Unfortunately my multimeter is broken right now :( it would be so useful here, since I could pinpoint exactly where the issue is.


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If there are no batteries that work with the device and your computer won’t recognize it, then I’m wondering if something happened to it that the user didn’t tell you about?

The only thing I would try is to connect the device directly to an electrical source. If that doesn’t work, then the problem is probably with a motherboard component. Sometimes, leaving an electronic device unused for an extended amount of time will eventually turn it into a paperweight.

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I’ve already tried it on an electrical source, and multiple computers. I suspect you’re right, but I am surprised that Samsung said that all that needed to be done was replace the battery. Thanks for the response.


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