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Repair guides and support for your Samsung TV.

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PN51E530A3FXZA Plasma TV will not turn on.

PN51E530A3FXZA Plasma TV will not turn on. Red light blinks every 10 seconds when plugged in. I have tried unplugging and holding the power button for 30 seconds. (One time the tv turned on for about 10 mins before it shut down again.) All other devices are unplugged from the TV. TV manufactured in 2012. Any Suggestions on how to fix? Thanks.

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You may need to replace some bad capacitors. Check this out: SAMSUNG LCD TV LN32A550P3FX2A won't power on

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@capt_blackadder I got delayed but took the back off the tv today. I could not tell which were the bad capacitors as none where bulging. any suggestions? was think of replacing the main power board but since I am a rookie at this I am no sure which board is the power board.


I wouldn't start replacing boards just yet, it would be better to track the problem down. If none of the capacitors are obviously bulging, the next step would be to break out your trusty multimeter and take some readings. You should be able to find some testing procedures for your model online. Once you've found out which board is bad, you might find a replacement on eBay or someplace, or possibly have your board fixed.


I had the same issue (red blink every 10 seconds). Watched the above video but I found nothing visually wrong with the power supply but took a gamble and bought a new PS ($89) and still have the same problem. Next guess would be the I/O board. Haven't priced them yet. Wondering if I should cut my losses. No luck finding "testing procedures" yet... but still trying.

Any links would be appreciated.


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