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How to check if my battery is an original one?

Hi guys,

So about 3 years ago, I bought a 15” mid-2015 Retina MBP and had absolutely no issues with it.

Unfortunately, as you probably heard, this generation seems to have some battery issues, which determined Apple to start a recall program. Now, I’ve already checked my serial number here and it came back negative. In other words, my particular machine is not affected by the issue.

The thing is that I bought this machine second-hand. And I don’t know (I don’t think so…but again, I can’t possibly know for sure) if the battery has been replaced or not. When I bought it, it had about 30 charging cycles. But again, I don’t know how long did the previous owner have it for, or if he replaced the battery.

So, my question is: is there a way to tell if the battery inside the machine is genuine? I went to About This Mac -> System Report -> Power, and there is a bunch of information in there. Some serial number, some Device Name…and stuff like that. Is there a way to check, based on that, if the battery is ok or not?

Coconut Battery shows this.

Block Image

Block Image

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Hello, The Serial No, (C01514309YEF90MA4) is the same as mine when I look in coconut battery.Manufacturer Simple.Bought 3 days ago (3346 days old, 2 cycles)

Also Coconut Battery says my MBP was built in November 2024??


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Simply put, you can’t really tell if it’s original, batteries suppliers like Simplo or Dynapak don’t work just for Apple and there’s plenty of B/C grades batteries with nice Apple logo stamped on them not delivering the same standards. However, your description would make me think you got a good quality battery and chances are it’s an original one. Easiest way to check battery health is downloading Coconut battery, a great tool to tell battery condition in just a screenshot.

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Added a Coconut Battery screenshot to my original post (apparently can't add to answers).

So I guess that’s what SMP or DP stand for? Simplo or Dynapack? Cause in this case, my battery seems to be from the latter (just checked Battery Info, it is indeed Dynapack).

By the way, has anyone had any issues getting onboard an airplane with this laptop model (even if it’s not one of the affected ones)? I mean, how do they even know if it’s a good or a bad one…? Do they check the serial number on Apple’s side like I did…? Do you have to show them a screenshot or something...? Cause from the outside, they all look very similar.

Thing is, next week I’ll be on a trip. And I’ll be traveling by plane. Now, I’m not in the US, so…not sure how this thing is gonna be treated in Europe. But…I don’t know. I’m curious if anyone with this macbook model had any issues at the gate.

Any idea what’s the current policy regarding this issue? Any advice?


@arsradu You have a battery in very good condition for its age, most probably original or at least an A grade. Europe is a fake union of countries all taking care of their own interests in the end, different rules and approaches except on paper. However I doubt you may have any issue on departure, main concern here is safety against terrorism, very unlikely anyone will care about a Macbook battery.


I have a MacBook Air 13" 2017 with a cycle count of 376 on the battery, System message states that the battery capacity is significantly reduced. So I downloaded CoconutBattery checker to verify. CoconutBattery indicates that my battery was manufactured by Dynapack in 1979-11-03. Oh yeah, right! I think this is just before Apple computers were first released. So much for CoconutBattery's credibility.


@dewk Coconut battery usually gives such kind of info when the internal battery logic is faulty. Not much it can do if the info is unavailable due to a failure.


Have you gone through Apple's supplier list ?? they have already mentioned that Simplo Technology Company Limited is their official supplier. check the facts before you mention them here.


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What I can tell you is the battery your system has is dated around when the system was made so its most likely the original battery.

As the rule of travel has just been issued its too soon to tell what’s happing at the gate and each carrier (and in some cases airport) manage their own plane of inspection so what is OK for one may not be OK for the others.

So what to do??

I would leave the system at home given you are traveling so soon. As all MacBook Pro’s look alike the bagage checker won’t know which is OK and which are not!

So if you get to the line and they refuse to allow you to take your system what are you going to do? You can’t check it all they will do it throw it into a barrel and off it goes to the landfill or to one of the TSA recycle centers so you won’t know if someone else gets your system Yikes!

Don’t forget its not just leaving its also your return! Different airport, different staff.

Even if you have a friend wait until your plain takes off do you have someone at the other end able to do the same? And can you get it to them in time so you don’t miss your plane if they stop you? Then they will need to ship it by ground to meet up with you, which will likely take a good week.

Some references:

I’m sure the EU will follow the FAA rules they tend too.

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Ok, but here's the problem:

1. the system is ok and it's been checked on Apple's website.

"If a product that is dangerous goods or that contains a dangerous goods component (e.g., battery) is subject to a safety recall related to the dangerous goods, it must not be carried aboard an aircraft or in baggage unless the recalled product/component has been replaced or repaired or otherwise made safe per manufacturer/vendor instructions."

So...this is not the case, because there is no need for a repair in my case.

2. Apple won't replace my battery if it's not one of the damaged or potentially risky ones.

3. I can't keep my Mac at home all the time from now on! :))

There has to be a better option.

Nonetheless, you made some very good points here... I honestly don't know what to do. And, again, not just for this trip. But for all the other trips when I will need my laptop.

Any idea if there is any difference between the laptop being turned off vs being on? Does it still pose a risk when it's off? I mean, in my case, it shouldn't pose any risk since it's not one of the damaged batteries. But just saying. Just to be 1000000% sure, does that actually make any difference?


Sadly, its more complex than that! >Any< MacBook will be suspect! Think of it this way I've got three exact boxes that are physically the same in every way. One has a bomb which one is it? Thats the conundrum!

The guy who is scanning your bags or hand checking can't tell which is the 2015 models from the others and then he still won't be able to tell which ones have the good battery vs the ones that don't.

Again, remember this is just happening so we just don't know what is happening at the airports. Its now a question are you going to get nipped or are you able to sail through. What happens if you get nipped? I would hope to have a plan B just incase. Will this be a long term issue? I just don't know.

I tend to travel light with just my iPad, and if I'm going somewhere distant that I need my photo gear I ship my gear to where I'm staying as I know it will be a big mess showing up at the gate. There are a few services that offer this, less to worry about at the airport.

Frankly, I would turn the system fully off as you don't want to waste the charge.

You do tend to let your system run hard on battery hence the 500+ cycles in its short life in your care. I would strongly recommend to be more aggressive not letting the battery discharge below 20~30% if you can avoid it. Otherwise you may need to replace your battery more frequently.

You may want to consider one of the external battery packs that offer MagSafe connectivity. Or, think about getting a newer MacBook which has USB-C so you can leverage the USB-C based external battery packs.


@danj Again, very good points... And yeah, it's kinda sad. Cause, you know, any Li-Ion battery can be a fire hazard. Even those power banks we get for our phones. And I see no one complaining about those. I mean, what are we gonna do? Leave everything that has a battery in it at home, just in case? Everything is based on Li-Ion batteries nowadays. Even our camera gear. So, basically, you won't be able to take any battery-powered electronics onboard? :)) That's...not good.

As for your question, yeah, you do have a point. But..all I'm saying is that, in case they want to check wether or not my particular machine is safe, they can just do what I did. Check it against the Apple site.

Also, how many MacBook Pro 2015s are still out there? I bet at least a few millions? Are you telling me that suddenly all of those people will have to leave their Macs at home, just in case? Cause this is crazy. :))


Samsung yanked their cellphones when they kept failing. And I know of a few people who had their phones confiscated one flying back from Europe to the states. They even killed any still out in the in the wild with a firmware update.

Give it some time lets see where things go. You are just caught in the worse of timing. If you need your laptop can you ship it? Can you rent one there? Or borrow one? Then you only need to carry an external drive with your stuff.

Otherwise... You did say you needed an iPad didn't you ;-}

Yes, this is a pain! Don't freak out yet.


@danj :))) OMG... yeah... Don't freak out...yet. :)) Best advice ever.

I don't have an iPad unfortunately. But yeah, now would have been a good time for one. And yeah...I kinda do need my laptop... I could ship it...but I don't have the original box. And I'm kinda afraid they might damage it in transport... I mean, I can try packing it in a bunch of bubble wrap. But...other than that...

Now, rules in the US might be a bit harsher (at least right now) than they are in Europe. I mean, today I called the airline and they were not even aware there are issues with the MacBooks. They sent me to ask the check-in guys... :))

I'm not traveling that far. It's just from one part of the country to the other. So yeah...I could ship it there and from case there is no better option.


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Hello, The Serial No, (C01514309YEF90MA4) is the same as mine when I look in coconut battery.Manufacturer Simplo.Bought 3 days ago (3346 days old, 2 cycles)

Also Coconut Battery says my MBP was built in November 2024??

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