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Released by Samsung in 2012, the BD-E4500 is a Wi-Fi enabled Blu-ray disc player.

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Why does Blu Ray player shut down, then click off & on repeatedly?

Player shuts down when streaming, then clicks off & on repeatedly; won't respond to remote to stop this. Will start to play disc without prompting. I've tried updating software, unplugging player. Help!

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Our blue ray keeps shutting itself off whenever we try to connect Netflix. Does anyone know why and if so how do we fix it??. Thank you!


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This happens when the power to the Blu Ray is suddenly interrupted.

1.) Turn on the Blu Ray, your TV and the cable box if you have one

2.) As it does it's on and off tricks, press the "load DVD" button (above the #2 button ) on the remote

3.) Put any DVD in and press close

4.) When the DVD begins playing, press the Function TV source button. (Top Right Button)

5.) Press source button to HDMI 1 or, whatever HDMI setting you're on.

Hope this works in your case.

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