Burnt lvds cable pin

Good day, So.. I was replacing my monitor this morning and my dumbass forgot to remove the battery, thought I had it removed since the time I ordered the monitor. So as I was inserting the new monitor, the 2-3 pins in the corner went hot red and melted together. The cable is obviously not going to work.. that I have to replace now too, but what I wanted to know is.. and I did turn the laptop back one with an external monitor to check if it was dead, but its not, is that the new monitor screen has a “hot spot” where the pins of the cable melted. It didn’t go burnt-black like the cable, but it received some heat and you can visibly see the small circle on the board where it slightly looks extra glowy. do you think its dead as well? Monitor + LVDS ? or even further than that? Monitor, LVDS + main board, even tho it doesn’t show any burn marks or looks any different than before.

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