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Repair guides and support for motorcycles manufactured by Triumph Motor Company.

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gas leaks from carb

when i turn the fuel on gas well leak out of the air box

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@baylor we would at least need to know what model and year your bike is and what you have checked. Most common problem is a stuck needle valve that will then disable the float and causing the carb to flood. Check that first,

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03 triumph America . hears what’s going on i’m trying to get running witch I did the bike went thew katrina and my buddy got it for parts for he’s bike all he needed was the front tire .he gave me the bike so I could get it running . witch I did . we rebuilt the carbs and set them up . we tested them before we put them on the bike and they we had no problems .put them on the bike and they pee out the airbox . we’ve had them on and off at least 4or 5 times and reset them .and yes new needle values.

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