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The T Flight Hotas 4 is a joystick controller manufactured by Thrustmaster in 2015 that is used for specific flight simulation games. Model number 4169083 is currently supported by PC and PlayStation 4.

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Thrustmaster Hotas 4 (PS4) stuttering yaw controls.

Does anyone have a suggestion to how I might repair a Hotas 4 with stuttering yaw controls? The stick itself seem fine but sometimes the yaw stutters or sticks in game.

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I am experiencing the same issue. It is quite sudden and has nothing to do with stick twist deadzone. Playing Elite Dangerous and having my ship yaw suddenly for no reason had me thinking I was taking impacts. I had to turn off yaw assignments. Watching input graphs from within Windows 10 revealed the issue in more depth. The graph will show sudden fluttery yaw movement to the left while the stick sits still on the desk in front of me. Sometimes it maxes the input. I'm looking into the sensor replacement at the moment.

EDIT: My problem was crossed wires right at the potentiometer sensor solder joints.


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Hendy Jawan’s response doesn’t even address ljnmc’s original question… Their issue was with the YAW axis, not the PITCH or ROLL axes!

They have a problem with the potentiometer located inside of the stick that detects twisting the stick clockwise and counter-clockwise. More likely than not, their problem can be fixed by following the guide posted by Reddit user ColinAndress, which can be found at

The guide mentioned in Hendy Jawan’s first post will definitely come in handy if you plan on re-lubricating the ball joint, but is utterly useless when it comes to solving the YAW axis stuttering. This guide doesn’t even show you how to gain access to the potentiometer at fault, much less walk you through what the problem is and how to fix it… On top of that, their follow-up comment only offsets the calibration, completely ignoring the root cause of the problem and potentially introducing new problems.

Again, if your problem is with YAW stuttering, not roll or pitch, then check out the guide at If you’d rather avoid Reddit, you can find his step-by-step picture guide, with explanations, here:

I hope this helps, ljnmc!

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Thank you for this. My sensor wires were being crushed against each other. The connected wire casing was stretched too thin to be a sufficient insulator, so I began to doubt the sensor itself had failed. After isolating the connections at the potentiometer and rebuilding the joystick my issue has vanished!

Just a small note. There is a twist lock on the joystick I never noticed. (I might have missed it, but I don't see it on any of the picture tutorials here either.) If you plan to exclusively use the twist it doesn't need to be reinstalled, but I reinstalled mine just so I wouldn't lose the part, and for structural stability/dust defense.


Just want to confirm that doing this fixed my HOTAS as well, couldn't see any issues with the wiring itself but the connector pins were bent upwards as per the tutorial, bending them gently until downwards has totally resolved the issue. Many thanks :)


Thank you Steven. Definitely potentiometer wiring. It’s the second Hotas 4 I have experienced this issue with and at this point it’s hard to imagine it as anything other than a fault of the design.


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Here you go. Found this forum while looking for a cure for this issue and signed up to share the answer. No parts needed.

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Mine won't turn right fully, and I don't wanna open the whole thing up, Nah.


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i had some stutter in my pitch control, and it was squeaking. i regreased the joystick, it lessened the squeaking and the stuttering at lower resistance. didn’t solve it entirely. used silicone lubricant, spray type. i hope it helps


i fixed my stuttering pitch control completely. follow this guide until step 6,

* turned the joystick upside down & did not take out the spring nor clean off the red grease, but instead applied more, used silicone lubricant, spray type., .

  • sprayed the rails (where the joystick makes contact with the housing), once when joystick is neutral and at then at the 8 directions. (total 16 times)
  • when you put the cap back on, i moved the joystick to negative pitch (the direction where it was stuttering), and screwed on the cap.
  • before i reassembled the thing, plugged the joystick on to the computer and stuttering is gone.

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i noticed that my twist axis stutters sometimes, but not always. i searched around and found another tip, according to the manual in:

-"Your joystick self-calibrates on its own after you have made a few movements on the different axes"

on the PC (assuming you have the necessary firmware and drivers etc.):

1. you unplug the joystick,

2. hold whatever axes that is experiencing the stutter (the twist or slider, etc) and hold it towards the neutral.

(e.g. according to the control panel test input window, you see that there is stutter in the RZ axis (twist), between neutral and negative values. negative value is to the right of twist. so I hold it to the slight left, you just need to compensate just enough.)

3. whilst you are holding the axes, plug the joystick back in.

this was enough for me to calibrate the joystick. hope this helps.


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