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The HP Pavilion dv9000 series was introduced in 2006.

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screen switches to lines of pixels

When ever I click on a link or open a video my screen switches to lines of colored pixels, (entire screen) I have reinstalled the video card and cleaned the fan. Have been told by a computer tech (young trainee) that I need a new motherboard. Is that the right track?

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I have repaired many HP dv9000 of this generation. These laptops were plagued with video chip problems due to manufacturing defects of Nvidia chips. If your laptop has an Nvidia graphics chip then most likely this is your problem.

The symptoms include the pixelation of the screen, and eventually the problem will get worse and the dv9000 will no longer boot. I recommend you backup your data immediately.

This problem occurs due to high operating temperatures. The temperatures eventually get hot enough that it will cause the GPU soldering to become damaged.

This problem can be fixed by doing a "reflow" on the Nvidia GPU chip or a more permanent solution would be to replace the soldering on the GPU chip with a process called "reballing" if you can't do these then you will have to replace the entire motherboard.

The reflow will be the easiest and cheapest solution to the problem, but I will warn you that THE PROBLEM WILL COME BACK IF YOU DO NOT FIX THE OVERHEATING PROBLEM FIRST. even if you buy a new motherboard, eventually the laptop will overheat again and the problem will happen again.

Here are some things you can do to reduce operating temperatures:

  • use a good thermal paste like arctic silver ceramique.
  • place a copper shim or an old pre 1970s penny between the GPU thermal pad and the heatsink. (Make sure you place thermal paste between penny and heatsink.)
  • Clean the exhaust fan thoroughly and make sure to disassemble it and lubricate the fan shaft using non conducting oil like sewing machine oil.
  • Cut the white and yellow wires from the fan, this will make the fan spin at its maximum speed at all times ensuring your laptop will not overheat.
  • Purchase a good laptop cooler and never ever place the laptop directly over a surface that will block the air vents underneath the laptop. Placing laptops directly on beds or pillows is a sure way to kill any laptop not just dv9000s.

Check out this blog for further details and fixes:

I hope this helps you fix your dv9000, good luck!!!

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