Where is the thermostat sensor on my 2001 toyota corolla?

my car keeps overheating and i cannot seem to find where the thermostat sensor is on my 2001 toyota corolla. I flushed the radiator and put fill with preston 50/50. It still goes to hot when I am driving it, but the dial will go up and down, do i have to give the system time to adjust?

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System should not require time to adjust. If your system was needing flushing and/or recharging with coolant and you did that, and you added the right amount of coolant mix back into the coolant system, your problem should've been corrected.

Is there a chance you didn't get the system quite full of new coolant mix? For instance, did you "burp" the system to ensure it was full, or have you checked your coolant level again since you recharged it? Have you checked to ensure there is not a coolant leak coming from the radiator drain valve, or one of the hose connections, etc.?

May want to be sure you don't have a leak, and/or that your system is fully charged with coolant, next.


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